24 Feb 2018

Sunn O))) is celebrating surviving 20 years

Hail to you all, our great fans!

In 2018 Sunn O))) is celebrating surviving 20 years; the band was formed in March 1998 by Greg Anderson & Stephen O’Malley in a practice space in Downtown Los Angeles after reuniting a few years following the Burning Witch story (and a couple of practices and one cancelled show in 1996 in Seattle of a proto-O))) group called Mars).

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13 Dec 2016

SUNN O))) free download 青木ヶ原 // 樹海

SUNN O))) Hail our great fans.

As the Solstice season approaches, Sunn O))) thank all of you for your great support throughout 2016.

We offer you an exclusive track for you to download for free (and of course stream), until the end of 2016

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