Welcome to the SUNN O))) (virtually/online)

After several years of contemplation regarding our web presence we have decided to launch this small informational/merchandise site. You can find some basic news here and a selection of merch available directly from the band…

We decided to reissue some of the old tour shirts, for the fans who may have missed them the first time around. The archive has become huge over the years, over 40 designs! We will issue 2 every 2 months or so, in an edition fit for the demand. This will be rotational so be sure to come back and see what the currently available designs are.

We also have some rare and limited audio items which we will make available via this site only.

In addition to this you can pick up all of the catalogue items on the currently available formats, and we are offering digital download versions of all of our titles; catalogue, limited, rare, unreleased, and in the future a selection of live (fan and soundboard) recordings.

Thanks for your interest and support. SUNN O))) hail the great fans who have supported over the years allowed us to go so far.

Stephen O’Malley & Greg Anderson
October 2013 Paris & Los Angeles

© SUNN O))) 2019