News | Stephen O'Malley words on SUNN O))) Paris cancellation

Yeah. Just off to Utrecht for SUNN O))) concert @LEGUESSWHO . Will be good to dive in to the music/medicine right now see friends and all.

Yes we had to drop the SUNN O))) show in Paris because increased security and bureaucratic measures wouldnt permit a band to play 125db in a fog entrenched room underground in the dark, in a major museum, right now.

The band was ready to move forward but its better to wait later rather than compromise on the full experience... This was a difficult decision.

I live in Paris and went through this weekend along with my friends and fellow Parisians. I'm exhausted, nerves fried and know and praise the medicinal power of music ... I personally apologize to any SUNN O))) fans here who are disappointed.

But I disagree with any criticism charging us with fear. This is simply not the case. This was an artistic decision. We cannot compromise artistically. We'll present an unforgettable concert in the future, hopefully spring, in Paris.

- Stephen O'Malley/SUNN O)))

on November 19th, 2015


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